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Kanichua! It means hello in Japanese. What do you know about Japanese fashion? There are many different styles. Lolita - Style is distinguished by femininity and romance. Clothes in gentle pastel colors with lots of lace, bows and ruffles. Accessories are welcome in the form of hats, umbrellas, stockings, shoes on the platform and so on. Girls often make ringlets and prefer makeup, making them look like porcelain dolls. Visual Kei - it's "fused" elements of emo-style, gothic, punk, but in the Japanese version. Initially, the style appeared through the influence of Japanese rock music, but now the adherents of this style want, first of all, to stand out and shock with their frivolous kind. Koh Gal - The word "gal" means "a girl who loves branded clothes", and "ko" comes from the Japanese word "kodomo", which means "child". Girls, dressed in the style of Ko Gal, try to look as young as possible. These are the same "kavaynye schoolgirls", but only for a long time already not at school age. Ganguro - you can translate as a "black face" and the style is different in that his adepts are crazy about sunburn. And not just a few sessions in the spa, and the most extreme tanning in the solarium, followed by toning the face in an even darker shade. Takenokozoku - accessories of neon shades, consisting of beads and bows, as well as whistles, which representatives of the subculture always carry with them. The decor does not have clear canons, because the whole idea is unique, but the image should be as screaming and outrageous as possible. Let's try them all!

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